Fundamentals of Dementia Care



AlzBetter's dementia training is probably the best content I had the chance to work with so far in my career. I've joined the AlzBetter Team remotely in early 2020 to help them redesign and redevelop their digital learning program to augment, and in some cases replace their classroom offering.


AlzBetter is dedicated to improving the lives of people living with dementia, by providing specialist training to healthcare professionals, care personnel, and family members. Their training program gives a comprehensive overview of the disease and the challenges it poses and teaches best practices on how to deal with specific situations.


The Dementia Overview training program, which I have redesigned and rebuilt in Articulate Rise, combines dozens of custom animations and videos with interactive elements. The result is a series of small modules accessible on mobile devices both as training and as job aids afterwards.


The first 50 learners completed the modules over the summer and came back with excellent feedback and much enthusiasm - as well as some very useful suggestions for us on what topics to improve or expand on.
The Foundations course is amazing! With the interim questions, interactive features, short clips rather than the 3 long videos.
The training was excellent. Would not change anything.
Excellent training, I learned things that I never would have thought of but really make so much sense. Great representational videos and very informative!


When we asked them how likely they would be to recommend this online learning program to a colleague (on a scale of 1 to 10), the average was 9.5.




Truth be told, the credit belongs to AlzBetter. The content they assembled is exceptional, the condensation of decades of research, experience and dedication. What I could contribute was to arrange all this in a visual, digitally digestible form. 

From a personal perspective, this project was truly satisfying. It felt great working with such an important and timely subject and contributing to a project that will positively affect the lives of so many people - while also learning new skills. 



Development tool: Articulate Rise, Vyond, wevideo, LearnDash
Length: 4 x 40 minutes
Audience: Carers of people living with dementia (nurses, care home staff, live-in aids, family members)