Ford Accessories – Product and Soft-Skill Training E-learning (2013)




After completing the Accessories – Satisfying Customers e-learning course, Ford dealers have the necessary product knowledge about the range of Ford accessories available and learnt how to recognize client needs and offer the product that would make their Ford more suitable for their needs.


My role in the project:

The course idea and the outline of the course structure was a common effort of the ID team at PHM. From there, I was responsible for the visual design, media editing, course building, LMS testing and localisation, which included translation to 18 languages and the implementation of market changes.



Developing this course meant stretching the technical limitations of Adobe Captivate. I was tasked with the development of a game-like course that was needed to be done solely in Captivate 7. Developing the scoring system was as much of a challenge, as it was fun. I am exceedingly proud of the technical part of this course.



Company: PHM Group Ltd.
Client: Ford of Europe
Year: 2013
Development tool: Captivate 7
Length: 40-45 minutes
Audience: All Ford dealers across Europe