Budapest Bank – Incident Management e-learning for blended learning program (2011)



Project description:

This Incident Management e-learning is a prerequisite to the classroom part of a blended training program at Budapest Bank. Covering the theoretical part of the training in self-study format ensures that participants arrive at the classroom with the same level of knowledge, where they can maximise the time spent on exercises and discussing best practices.

The short learning module was later used as a bi-annual refresher training for all previous learners.


My role in the project:

This project came with a strict deadline and I collaborated with a colleague in both the instructional design and development, to comply with an aggressive timeline. After agreeing on the course design, we took equal part in the course building, visual asset resourcing, image and video editing.



Company: KVG Konvergencia Kft.
Client: Budapest Bank (GE Capital)
Year: 2011
Development tool: Nexius
Length: 30 minutes
Audience: Budapest Bank managers and assistant managers