MS Office 2003 to 2010 – transition training e-learning (2012)



The Challenge:

In 2011, our client had been obliged to upgrade from MS Office 2003 to the latest Office version. This affected thousands of employees and the management did not want the switch to create a setback in the workflow.

KVG Konvergencia had been commissioned to create an online training that introduces the new Office suite to the employees before the switch, and that can be also used as software education for new employees.

The Solution:

After an exciting TNA that included shadowing office workers to observe how they use the MS Office softwares for their daily tasks, we concluded that it would be crutial to raise the general level of computer skills regarding the Office suite, as well as managing the smooth transition.

As a solution, we have created a 200-slide interactive e-learning course, broken into 9 short modules. Half of the modules covered the changes in Office, while the other half used a practical approach to intruduce best practices in using MS Office, including common problems and their solutions, practical tips and less used but useful office functions that increases both productivity and work quality (e.g. using styles in MS Word).

This Office e-learning was one of our most successful and most welcomed work and in the following year has been purchased by several other companies.


My role in the project:

This work was lead by a project manager and designed and developed by me and my colleague, Edina Kara. We both took equal part in the whole project from assessing learner needs, instructional and visual design, course building, recording of software simulations, image, and video editing.



Company: KVG Konvergencia Kft.
Client: Budapest Bank (GE Capital)
Year: 2012
Development tool: ScreenFlash, Nexius
Length: Nine 20-minute modules
Audience: Budapest Bank Employees