Cathay Pacific – Air Traffic Control (ATC) Communications (2017)



An online learning program that tests the pilots’ ability to comprehend ATC communications across different regions and accents. The learning program comprises of 14 modules, covering all the major accents a CX pilot is likely to hear during take-off and landing. Completing the course will help the Cockpit Crew recognize various accents, or recognize the need for further practice with some of the accents, and reinforces the correct behaviour when unsure of what they heard. It is a mandatory course for all cadets.


My role in the project:

Working closely with the Flight Operations Team, I had revived an outdated ATC Communications course to create a 14-module learning program that covers all accents a Cathay pilot might face during their work. The course runs on the company tablets and follows a simple, intuitive design that lets the learner focus on the audio tasks that present real-life examples of ATC Communications.


Client Feedback:

I would like to complement your team in the manner these courses were developed. We have demanded prompt and innovative action from Peak Pacific and you have exceeded expectations. In particular, I can highly praise Zsofia for her exceptional work.

— Tim Burns, Head of Flying Training, Cathay Pacific


Company: Peak Pacific Group Ltd.
Client: Cathay Pacific
Year: 2016
Development tool: Storyline 2
Length: 13×5 minutes
Audience: All Cadets