Cathay Pacific – Storyline 2 E-learning Templates (2016)




Joining the CX (Cathay Pacific) Team not long after the re-branding of the Cathay Group, I’ve been tasked with the design and development a whole set of e-learning templates that can be used for rapid development by our team of instructional designers and developers.


My role in the project:

I designed and developed two template sets for Articulate Storyline 2: for Level 1 and Level 2 courses, and set of guidelines for custom-developed Level 3 and Level 4 courses. These included visual design, interaction design, and template build, creation of static and interactive icon set. It was my responsibility to get sign-off from the client on these templates, then help our ID and GD team learn and implement it.

This task came as a real treat for me, combining everything I love about my work: I had to immerse myself in something new (in this case a voluptuous brand manual), had a clean sheet and full creative freedom – within the boundaries of the brand guidelines, had the opportunity to push these boundaries by presenting and selling my ideas to the team than the Client, and the keywords in the task description included some of my favourite words when it comes to large-scale e-learning projects: pragmatism, re-usability and efficiency.



My only challenge was that I had to design for a tool I had never used before, Articulate Storyline, and only had a few days to get familiar with it – which, after working with other rapid development tools were easier than expected.




The outcome of this project is two sets of branded templates that have been used for Cathay project by our e-learning team for over a year and are being constantly expanded with new templates as each project gets completed. They received positive feedback from the client and made the development team’s work faster, easier and, most importantly, consistent.



Taking off from HKG and landing in YVR with a B777, following the backseat instructions of the CX Flight Crew team. Working alongside our Learning Delivery Manager, Chetan Kalidas, was one of the greatest learning experiences of my career.



The on-site CX Learning Team (after work)



Company: Peak Pacific Group Ltd.
Client: Cathay Pacific
Year: 2016
Development tool: Articulate Storyline 2