Ford Focus product training e-learning




After completing The New Ford Focus e-learning course, Ford dealers had the necessary product knowledge of the latest Ford Focus and a downloaded Fact File to use as job aid.


My role in the project:

Before developing the course, I was tasked to design a new look-and-feel to the Ford product courses, and after the Client’s approval, develop a reusable Captivate template (including visuals, buttons, basic advanced actions).
I was also responsible for the course development, including image and video editing, XML editing, advanced actions, LMS testing. I took part in the localisation process which resulted in 22 different market versions of the product in 18 languages.



Visual challenges came in the form of strict company guidelines, technical limitations and the lack of available assets. Technical challenges included size limitations and technical limitations, as the final course had to be easily localised and translated.



Company: PHM Group Ltd.
Client: Ford of Europe
Year: 2014
Development tool: Captivate 7
Length: 40-45 minutes
Audience: All Ford dealers across Europe