MOTIF – Off-the-Shelf E-Learning Courses for the Fashion Industry Knowledge Hub (2017-2018)




I’ve joined Alvanon in a freelance role at a super exciting time in the company’s history, just as they started building their online platform, MOTIF. Being the global experts on fit, Alvanon’s mission is to make MOTIF an online hub that connects fashion professionals and that helps to bridge the knowledge gap in the industry.



My role in the project:

I was involved in the delivery of the first handful of courses being deployed on the new platform, in subjects like the Mechanics of Fit, The Fit Form, Apparel Costing for Sourcing and Sustainability.


On these projects, I was responsible for high-level planning and course design, SME relationships and quality control. Some of the courses were built in collaboration with the UK-based company Good e-Learning, as well as video production teams in Hong Kong and the US and other IDs working with us remotely. I’ve also taken part in scriptwriting and storyboarding, both for the course and its animated and SME videos.

The wonderful introduction videos were produced by the Hong Kong-based agency, RESET.




MOTIF's core learning team, Hong Kong, 2017



Development tool: Articulate 360, GoAnimate, video production
Length: 40-240 minutes/course
Audience: Various job roles connected to the fashion industry