Organica – Sales Presentations (2010)



The project:


At the beginning of 2010 Organica Technologies started to enter new markets, such as the US and a number of countries in the Far East (China, India, and Singapore). This opening generated the need for creating a new company identity, new marketing strategy, revamping the company website, creating a new set of company presentations and educational materials (both online and printed).


My role in the project:

  • Coordination with the US marketing team and the Hungarian design team
  • Instructional design for the website content
  • Instructional design and development of the company presentations


Client Feedback:

Zsofia was deeply involved in all aspects of these tasks. She worked very efficiently and in continuous close cooperation with company leaders as well as our US based marketing team. Her special focus was developing and ensuring consistent application of a new visual identity for the company.
She developed excellent visual presentations that I would use in my lectures, as well as an online e-learning version of these that would allow prospective clients to get a more detailed look at our technology. The subject of ecological water treatment is quite complex and a special challenge was to present these subject in a form that is understandable for a lay audience on one hand while being detailed enough for professionals on the other. Zsofia’s exceptional skill to put complex scientific concepts into digestible format was key to achieving these goals. Her analytical power along with a strong aesthetic sense and visual skills resulted in a set of efficient and well-designed learning materials and the related online presence.

Attila Bodnar, Executive Vice President at Organica Ecotechnologies



Company: Organica Water Ltd.
Client: Organica Technologies Ltd.
Year: 2010
Development tool: MS PowerPoint
Audience: Prospective clients worldwide