Veolia – Health & Safety Pocketbook (2009)



The project:

The target audience of this pocketbook is the construction work managers and team leaders responsible for briefing workers each day on site. As the audience has mixed level of literacy skills, we needed to create a pocketbook that was highly visual and conveyed the most important rules of each worksite in pictures.

The booklet was translated to 10+ languages and had been distributed in Veolia-related companies on four continents.

The 3D construction scenes were developed in Carrara with a future e-learning project in mind that wouldn't require literacy, instead, the learners would be able to roam the 3D worlds of each worksite and explore its features.


My role in the project:

  • Instructional design (as part of a team of two)
  • Development of the 3D imagery in Carrara (as part of a team of four)
  • Coordinating with SMEs and the project manager at Veolia Water UK
  • Developing the pocket book in InDesign
  • Implementing the translations


Company: KVG Konvergencia Kft.
Client: Veolia Water and Solutions
Year: 2009
Development tool: InDesign, Carrara
Audience: Construction managers and team leaders worldwide