Zsofia Szarka

I'm a learning design professional focusing on self-paced digital learning solutions. I have over twelve years of experience gained in a wide variety of industries in the private and non-profit sectors. Most of my projects were in the realm of automotive, aviation and finance, but I especially enjoy working with humanitarian organisations and other NGOs.

What I love most about my profession is that it demands continuous learning and development and often requires me to immerse myself in new subjects. The same is true for continuous movement, so, while I'm currently based in Europe, I'm always happy to consider projects on other continents.

What I Do

Digital Learning Solutions

As a consultant, I can help you find the most suitable digital solutions to your learning needs, as well as mapping out the curriculum and choosing the most suitable software for you to use. I can also assist you in creating blended learning programs by determining how and which part of your training can be taken out of the classroom.

Instructional Design

As an instructional designer, I can turn any subject into an exciting piece of digital learning, drawing them up in detailed visual storyboards. However, as I am usually working to strict financial, technical, and time constraints, in reality, what I can offer is to design the best possible learning piece considering those set constraints. I prefer to join projects at the very beginning, but I am used to jumping on board on already running projects to help speed up or re-working the design.

Course Development

As an end-to-end developer, I'm able to take your project from an initial idea to final release, including graphic design, multimedia and course development. I can also take the role of lead developer if you already have a junior team but they need some guidance and supervision. I enjoy taking my projects to the finish line and taking part in the design and development. I do not, however, take up only development work.

Multimedia Design

Building on my design background, I can help you develop aesthetic and easy to use templates for any learning software which your HR or Learning Team can use to build learning content, which is visually pleasing and in line with your company's guidelines. I can also manage external illustrators and animators as they are creating learning content.

What You Can Expect From Me


I understand that your project addresses a crucial learning need, and it must be completed on schedule. Whether I'm on-site or working remotely, full-time or part-time, I will make sure my working time fits with your team's schedule and never delays the project.

Constant high quality

I will deliver the same high-quality work throughout the project.

Fast on-boarding

I make an extra effort at the beginning of each project to be quickly up to speed with both the topic and the structure of the team I'm joining.

Clear and responsive communication

I make sure that all stakeholders and team members are aware of the project's progress and everyone knows what's expected of them at which phase.


I will make sure that all feedback is incorporated and all issues are addressed in a timely manner, the changes are clearly communicated and the work completed with maximum efficiency.

Proactive behaviour

I will actively identify any possible issues that may arise and offer possible solutions, even outside the realm of the project.